Idebenone and vinpocetine augment long-term potentiation in hippocampal slices in the guinea pig.

Ishihara K, Katsuki H, Sugimura M, Satoh M.

Department of Pharmacology,
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Kyoto University, Japan.
Neuropharmacology 1989 Jun;28(6):569-73


The effects of idebenone and vinpocetine which reportedly prevent impairment of learning and memory were studied in vitro, on the long-term potentiation of the population spike in the pyramidal layer of CA3 region of slices of hippocampus in the guinea pig. Idebenone (10(-9) M-10(-6) M) or vinpocetine (10(-7) M-10(-6) M) significantly augmented long-term potentiation in the mossy fibre-CA3 pyramidal cell system, without any significant changes in population spikes in the absence of tetanic stimulation. These results suggest that both drugs have direct actions on the hippocampal neurones to augment long-term potentiation at fairly small concentrations. Further, when the two drugs were applied together, the augmenting effects were additive.