Long-term treatment with idebenone and riboflavin in a patient with MELAS.

Napolitano A, Salvetti S, Vista M,
Lombardi V, Siciliano G, Giraldi C.

Division of Neurology,
Campo di Marte Hospital, I-55100 Lucca, Italy.
Neurol Sci 2000;21(5 Suppl):S981-2


We report a patient with MELAS treated for 24 months with idebenone and riboflavin, during which no stroke-like episodes occurred. Moreover neurological symptoms clearly improved, and a recovery of brain MRI and EEG abnormalities was observed. We conclude that the combined treatment with idebenone and riboflavin may restore the metabolic impairment in MELAS, possibly improving the long-term prognosis in these patients.